Install and use the LanguageTool add-in for Microsoft Word

LanguageTooler GmbH sells proofreading software as a service ( LanguageTooler GmbH supplies an add-in for Microsoft Word. If you have a paid account at, you can use the add-in to connect to the TechScribe term checker.

A free add-in for Microsoft Word is also available.

To install the add-in for Microsoft Word

The add-in is for Word 2016, Word 2016 for Mac, and Word Online. Each person who uses the add-in must have a licence from LanguageTooler GmbH.

  1. Get a paid account for
  2. Get the LanguageTool add-in for Microsoft Word from
  3. Install the add-in into Microsoft Word.

To use the term checker with Microsoft Word

  1. If the term checker for ASD-STE100 is not installed, install it.
  2. Start the LanguageTool server (
    1. Open a Command Prompt window.
    2. Navigate to the LanguageTool installation folder.
    3. At the command prompt, type:
      java -cp languagetool-server.jar org.languagetool.server.HTTPServer --port 8081 --allow-origin '*'
    4. Wait until you see the message: Server started
      Command Prompt window
  3. Open a document in Microsoft Word.
  4. On the Word Home tab, click LT Check Text. The screen shot shows Microsoft Word Online:
    Word Online with the LanguageTool add-in
  5. On the LanguageTool Home panel, click Options.
  6. In the Options panel, enter these values:
    E-mail: local
    Password: This field must be empty
  7. Click Save.
  8. Click Check Document.
    STE term checker with sample text in Microsoft Word Online

Differences between the STE analysis with the Word add-in and the stand-alone version of LanguageTool

For the best analysis, use the stand-alone version of LanguageTool (as shown on the installation page). When you use the Word add-in, the analysis has these limits:

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