Good checkers for ASD-STE100 are easily available, but most of them are very expensive.

Mike UnwallaThe TechScribe term checker for ASD-STE100 is a result of my search for a good and cost-effective checker for ASD-STE100.

In 1999, I started my freelance career as a technical writer. You can read the story on www.techscribe.co.uk/techw/mike-unwalla.htm. Early in my technical writing career, I learned about AECMA Simplified English (the old name for ASD-STE100) and I started to use the principles in the user guides that I wrote. The AECMA Simplified English specification is large, and to remember all the rules was not easy.

At the ISTC conference (now TCUK) in 2001, someone showed me a checker for a controlled language. Now I wanted a checker for AECMA Simplified English, but all the checkers for AECMA Simplified English were very expensive.

After a long search, and some unsuccessful attempts to find a solution, I found LanguageTool. From that, I developed the term checker. These two articles tell you more:

In 2012, I released the first version of the term checker for ASD-STE100 issue 3 (which is equivalent to AECMA Simplified English issue 2). I continue to improve the term checker. (You can read a summary of the changes in changes.txt.)

All the checkers for controlled language have advantages and disadvantages. My emphasis for the term checker is the grammatical analysis of text. Does a text conform to ASD-STE100? Other checkers have features that the TechScribe term checker does not have. Your task is to find the best software to solve your problems. Read 'How to evaluate software for a controlled language'.

Although I am the only person who writes the rules for the term checker, a team of software developers and linguists continues to improve LanguageTool, which is the platform for the term checker. (I am part of the LanguageTool team.) Look at the information on GitHub: https://github.com/languagetool-org/languagetool/graphs/contributors.

To get a free trial of the TechScribe term checker for ASD-STE100, ask me (mike@techscribe.co.uk). (My full contact information is on www.techscribe.co.uk/techw/contact.htm.)

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